Wigle City of Champions Bourbon 375ml


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The name Wigle comes from Philip Wigle, a Pittsburgher who in the 1780s refused to pay a whiskey tax and sparked the Whiskey Rebellion. Today’s Wigle is far less confrontational, as the distillery is a family affair and committed to being a constructive part of Pittsburgh’s community. All of the grain is sourced from the soils of the Monongahela River Valley, within 300 miles of Wigle’s location. Wigle is committed to non-GMO, organic grain, and support local farmers working organically by purchasing 3 tons of grain a week that is then processed at Wigle’s on-site grist mill. You won’t find industrial column stills here: the less efficient, but higher quality pot stills are used to create a spirit that still carries much of the grain’s original flavor. There are very few distilleries in the world that take such care in sourcing locally to craft a product that is a true reflection of place and a part of America’s potable history.


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