Schlafly Seasonal Variety 12pk


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The Patio Pack includes three bottles for each of these four styles:

American IPA (6% ABV): A hoppy ale with bitterness and prominent aromas of citrus and fruit. Dry-hopped to perfection, this AIPA is a great pair for al fresco dining.

Raspberry Hefeweizen (4.1% ABV): A true fruit beer fermented with real raspberries for a flavor that’s tart, low in bitterness and full of citrus aromas.

Pale Ale (4.4% ABV): As Schlafly’s flagship beer, this English-style beer is a mild session ale with a refined balance of hops and malt. An approachable classic, especially for summertime sipping.

American Lager (5% ABV): The smooth, crisp flavors puts this lager on the lighter side of craft beer. American Lager is a beer that appeals to the masses with a craft brewer’s care and attention to detail. A crushable choice for all beer drinkers.


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