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10% – Can you say it? “Riwakaroo” (Ree-wah-kuh-ah-ru) is the next beer in the series that points back to Pete’s recent travel to the Southern Hemisphere. A mother and a smirking joey grace the label on a beer we are very excited to bring you. Riwakaroo is the TIPA version of Roowaka and pours a milky and super hazy yellow. The aroma is explosive with a straight OJ and mango nose. The first sip is pulpy with big notes of grandma’s fresh squeezed OJ, passionfruit, grasslands, grapes, and berries. The melding of balanced sweet fruit comes together in a thick and creamy finish and our big #EQjuice profile with just a touch of bitterness. This beer is a downright crusher and the masked ABV may have you chilling in a pouch in no time if you’re not careful.


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