Equilibrium Harvested All The Simcoe 4pk CN


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10% – Harvester of Simcoe has been in rotation since being debuted in 2017. We love this mainstay but we have curious, inquisitive, and tripling minds. We love probing, research, and investigation. We had to ask the question, what happens when you scale up? We Harvested All The Simcoe (we literally ran out haha) to find out. We upped the grain bill, softened up the base while substantially increasing the amount of hops. All the Simcoe.

Harvested All The Simcoe pours a murky and deep vivid yellow. It has saturated creamy aromas of bright pine forest, ripe passion fruit, berry compote, more pine, and earth. The taste is a luscious tropical fruit cup on the hottest day, an earthy backbone, with a resinous piney finish that transitions to a firm but very delicate bitterness and an even bigger #EQjuice finish. We are super happy we asked what if…


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