Bower Hill Barrel Strength 750ml


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The nose on this whiskey doesn’t show much heat for a barrel strength. It’s burly with plenty of oak, newly-planed wood, and pencil shavings. Secondary notes of old leather add some complexity with hints of citrus and sweet cinnamon candy struggling to surface. The palate is candy sweet and oily with an immediate and significant heat. Atomic Fireball candies ride roughshod over the entry and linger well into the finish. Additional notes of wet oak and black pepper temper the heat and keep the experience from skewing too saccharine. Subtler flavors of orange marmalade and clove chewing gum flicker in and out. The medium-length finish is drying with fading notes of cinnamon rock candy and lumberyard. A touch of water cuts some of the heat but amplifies the sweetness. 118.8 proof


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