Baird Carpenter’s Mikan 11.2


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6.1% – “The 2006 Carpenter’s Mikan Ale is both piquantly tart and satiatingly sweet. Loads of freshly peeled and crushed mikans (70 Kg in this 500 liter batch) are added to the wort at the completion of boiling. The beer is dry-hopped in the conditioning tank with additions of the citrusy American hop Cascade. The beer has a fairly high original gravity (15.7 Plato) and thus sports a sneakingly potent alcohol punch (approximately 6.1% by volume). In the glass, The Carpenter’s Mikan Ale introduces itself with a densely creamy snow-white head. The color is a captivatingly turbid orange-amber hue that is almost spellbinding in its organic honesty. The nose features the exhilaratingly delicate aroma of freshly peeled mikans and something else citrus — Cascade hops? In the mouth, one sensation above all holds sway — effervescent freshness! The finish is mysteriously ephemeral; the beer vanishes leaving the taste buds standing at attention in an alert state of pleasurable surrender, as if coyly imploring, “More, please!” Mikan is a sort of Japanese tangerine, only without the seeds. We receive the mikans for this wonderfully piquant, citrusy brew from the Heda garden of our carpenter friend, Nagakura-san, and hence the name. The beer is wheat-based and its zesty, thirst-quenching character masks a big alcohol punch (approximately 6.9%). The citrus character derived from the mikans is further buttressed by loads of citrusy American Amarillo and Cascade hops. This is a brew truly like no other. Cheers to the Carpenter!”


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